Monday, June 8, 2009

5. MyBlogLog Community

Join My Community at MyBloglog!

Have you ever heard about MyBlogLog? Most of us especially for the bloggers must have an account with this site, am I right? For whom who had never heard about this site, MyBlogLog is actually a great site with a large amount of bloggers worldwide hanging out over there. The bloggers submit blogs and create their own community to promote their blogs on this site. Furthermore, you can check your blog statistics whenever you want to.

Mybloglog have a simple design and I think it is the most suitable place to make new friends in blogosphere. You can add contact and join blog communities at the same time. The best thing in MyBlogLog is you will get a widget ‘Recent Readers’ which tell you the person who has visited your blog in a period of time. I’ve just got my ‘Recent Readers’ widget in the right hand side of my blog. I think, I’ll working on something to appreciate all my visitors although at this time I don’t have any readers or visitors yet.

I will tell you all about my planning in my next post. So, if you have some ideas, you can leave a comment below this post or just say it in my discussion box which located next to this post..


  1. thanks bro letak jam aku kat blog hang.. join la community aku gak

  2. Ok, satgi aku join community hang, tp hg pn kenalah join community aku.. Aku bg penghormatan kt hang jd org pertama..haha