Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6. Thank You to My 1st Commentator

I would like to thank Miss Fairus (please correct me if I’m wrong) from Beauty, Happiness and Health for being my 1st commentator in Iskandarisme! I’m really appreciate that. So, what should I do to show my appreciation to you? Emmmm….

Okay, I think I will write a short review about Beauty, Happiness and Health right now. This blog was written by Miss Fairus started from January 2009. The content in this blog is mainly about her personal life, beauty, health and food. These are 2 posts that I think very interesting in Beauty, Happiness and Health:

1. Do You Know How to Make Yourself Feel Good?

2. How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Good luck with your blog. Happy blogging..:)


  1. oh tq iskandar .....
    nanti i blanje yeh...=)..

  2. you're welcome ffa..:)

  3. woi..teruk lah blog ini..memalukan!!! saya tertidur lepas tengok blog ini!!!

  4. Hello Anonymous,
    Thank you 4 your constructive comments..:)

  5. owh ..ada org x suka blog saya....Is, buang jerlah post yang u buat tuh..pls, dont promote my blog...it just my personal thing...hate me, love me...i dun care..ahe..

  6. Just relax Fairus, it doesn't matter what others think about your blog or mine..as long as we know what we do..:)