Tuesday, June 9, 2009

7. The Reason to Blog


What is blog? What is the different between blog and website? The words blog is a short term of weblog. According to Wikipedia, blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

Actually, blog is one of the website types but it has a different characteristic and a different approach according to the writer of the blog or known as a blogger. Blog has a different type and categorizes under popular terms such as personal blog, photo blog, tech blog, fashion blog, gadget blog and many more. A blog could be a diary, a description, a review and maybe a set of instruction to do something.

So, why blog are important to you? Blog offer various facilities in blogosphere such as simple business advertising, file storage, digital album, product promotion and recent news. Therefore, you will be a little bit behind from others if you don’t have your own blog. To share with all of you, I’ve state five reasons why you should create your own blog.

1. Knowledge
This is the main reason why you should have your own blog. Knowledge can be obtained from books, experiences, experiments, impressions and brainstorming. Other than that, you can read blog to gain more knowledge about almost everything. For an example, each one of us has a different interest, if we write about it in our own blog others will get information from the post that we create in the blog. In the meantime, we will gain more knowledge by reading other people’s blog too.

2. Interest or Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm and talent can be spread out in blog. If you have a natural talent in singing, drawing or writing, write a blog about that and keep update from time to time. Share your blog with relatives, family and friends from all around the world. Don’t let your talent is waste just like that, blog is a space to spread out your words and your talent.

3. Communication
You can upgrade your communication skill when you write your own opinion in the blog. Did you believe that blog can optimize your communication skills and confident level? Some of the bloggers will write using their own opinion either with research or without them. Normally, there must be readers who will leave a comment if they don’t agree with the post. By answering the comments, bloggers can boost up their communication skills and confident level. In addition, this will sharpened their writing skills.

4. Emotional
Blog also can be a platform to release your pressure and stress. As an example, you can write about your daily life and share your problem with others. Maybe the readers have the best solution regarding to your problem.

5. Economy
Nowadays, you can make money via blogging. But, it’s not as simple as ABC to generate money from the blog. You must have knowledge and preparation before you can make money through blogging. Maybe you can join advertising and affiliates program when you have a large amount of unique visitor everyday. Other than that, you can sell your own product in your blog to gain extra money.

Thank you for reading my thought about this. Maybe you have something to say about blogging. I’m appreciates if you can share with me. Good luck with your blog and happy blogging..

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